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Sheila K

Sheila K
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ประเทศ australia ออสเตรเลีย
วันเกิด 05-02-1958
เพศ หญิง
โรงเรียน Tafe Fashion College
งานอดิเรก Yoga, gym, cooking, fashion, travel
หนังที่ชอบ Dunkirk

I am a travel, fashion, food and lifestyle blogger. I love fitness including yoga, gym, and jogging. I love to travel and spend 8 months of the year living in Bali and the rest of the year living in Europe. I have successfully for 30 years ran our own fashion importing and wholesaling and business in Australia and have lots of experience in every aspect of fashion and business. I have also for over 30 years been a model for the catwalk and photographic modeling and even though I am older now still receive plenty of work. Age is never a barrier to anything that you want to do. I was on a cooking TV show in Australia called "Come Dine With Me" and I was lucky enough to win it. I do love to travel and have met many lovely friends all over the world. I fully understand the difficulties of learning another language as with my travel I am always in that situation and it is a challenge just to learn one new word a day no matter what country I am in. For many years we have hosted hundreds of students from all over the world into our home from the English Embassy school on the Gold Coast Australia and we keep in contact with most of them. We received great pleasure in greeting students who couldn't speak much English and practicing every day around the dinner table. When it was to time to leave us they could leave with great confidence being able to hold an English conversation.

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thanks for today. you made me understand this lesson.


Thank you teacher.

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