Daniel Su

Daniel Su
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ประเทศ united_states อเมริกา
วันเกิด 20-08-1994
เพศ ชาย
โรงเรียน American School Of Correspondence
งานอดิเรก Watching movies/TV shows, playing video games, and doing volunteer work
หนังที่ชอบ The Hunger Games and Avengers: Infinity War

My name is Daniel! I am a certified TEFL and TEYL English tutor. I have been teaching English since 2014 and I love doing it! It is great meeting new people and helping them in any way I can to improve their language skills! I am a kind, fun-loving person who always makes sure people are not only learning but also enjoying it as well! My hobbies are watching movies and I really enjoy helping out in volunteer work. It is also a passion of mine to teach. I have learned Spanish and I know the challenges and difficulties of learning a new language. So, I want to help those who are also learning English to overcome those challenges and learn in an efficient, enjoyable and less frustrating method!

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Thank you so much for good conversation. I enjoy talking with you.

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