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I have been an English teacher for about 10 years, ever since I moved to Italy. I know what it’s like to be a student as I had to study Italian when I arrived, and I know how fun (and how stressful) it can be to start speaking and thinking in another language, but this helps me to understand my students as I used to be one! I love English which is why I studied it for my bachelor’s degree and am passionate and enthusiastic about being an English teacher. I’ve taught all different kinds of people; professionals in many different fields (such as doctors, lawyers, and technicians) and companies (engineering firms, technical companies, and IT offices), also in high schools here in Italy, and most importantly people who just want to speak more and improve their abilities. I think the best way to learn English is by speaking and talking about the things you love, and after all these years I still love to talk. I feel that I am a flexible and adaptive teacher, as I know how to meet the needs of a student and also how to help students reach the level they want in a relaxed and fun way. In my free time, I am either relaxing at home, I used to watch more anime and tv shows but now I don’t have that much time at home as I’m either teaching or out travelling around Italy. I also like to play sport, football (Liverpool is the best team in the world!) but also some rugby and have practiced MMA for several years. I love to find out about students and about different ways of thinking and seeing the world, and seeing people get better and better as they continue on their English learning journey is one of the best feelings in the world.

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  • AOM
    Thank you for discussing the habits topic with me! :)
  • AOM
    So bad connection but really thank you that you taught me all lessons.
  • AOM
    Thank you again for your teaching and your advices, Anfield. I will practice more on answering and giving the opinions in IELTS part 3.
  • AOM
    Thank you so much, teacher Lee for many tips of IELTS. Let’s practice speaking sentence next time! :)
  • Wanna
    Thank you for good conversation. I enjoy to speaking with you.
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