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โปรดเข้าสู่ระบบเพื่อดูตารางเรียนทั้งหมดของคุณครู ลงทะเบียนตอนนี้และรับคลาสทดลองเรียนฟรี!

I have a positive outlook on life and always looking for new challenges. I consider myself to be resourceful and believe there is a solution to every problem. My most treasured memories are times I have spent with colleagues, friends and family. I am usually very trusting of new people I meet which some might consider to be a weakness but I think everyone deserves a chance.

star 4.90
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  • Baipluestar5

    She is very kind and easy to study.

  • Pingstar5

    She is my lovely teacher. :)

  • Pinkstar5

    Thank a lot. I really enjoy the class with you. :))

  • Yokstar5

    She is so effective teacher. Also, she knows what to talk about and when to let the student expressed their opinions. I love the way she giving the comment of my gramma in my chat box so that means I don't have to waste my time in an online class and have a chance to learn my mistakes later. Thanks a lot and I hope she gets well soon from a sore throat.

  • Benzstar5

    Very Good Teacher. You teahed me easy and I can understand.

โรงเรียนUniversity of Zimbabwe
งานอดิเรกTavelling, reading, baking, current affairs, arts and culture
หนังที่ชอบThe Book Thief